UBC Locker Sales 2012-13

I agree to the locker rental terms as described below:

  1. The locker is rented to the undersigned (renter) in working condition and must remain in good working condition and physical appearance throughout the agreed rental period.

  2. The locker is provided without locks.  The renter must provide a lock to secure locker contents.  Providing a secure lock is the responsibility of the renter; and the University or the McCombs School of Business (including but not limited to the Undergraduate Business Council, Graduate Business Council, and the Dean’s Office) will not be held liable for the loss or damage of any or all of the contents in the assigned locker.

  3. Any damages incurred by the McCombs School of Business or an affiliated entity or person caused by locker contents are the responsibility of the renter.

  4. Due to the limited number of lockers, once a locker is rented requests from a renter to change or cancel lockers will not be granted.

  5. The locker must be emptied by the last day of final exams, as officially stated by the University academic calendar, for each semester ended by this contract.  Failure to do so will resulting the renter’s lock being cut and contents impounded by the Dean’s Office for one week before their disposal.

  6. If there are any problems with the locker when you receive the locker, or during the life of this contract, notify ubclocker@gmail.com .

Start Date:
End Date:  

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